4 Email Marketing Tips

E-mail is the most popular activity on the Internet, with upwards of 90% of internet users having used it. With 63% of the US adult population on line, that opens a market comprising more than 100 million prospective clients. Successfully marketing your business by email can be done. The challenge lies in doing it right.
As surprising as this may sound, there still are quite a few list marketers who offer no way to unsubscribe from their lists.

They think that including a un-subscription link will bring down the subscribers number. Also, maybe they have not considered that if their emails are good, then most people will not want to leave their list. What they may not realize, also, is that an unsub link has to be included in each email – at least that’s the way it is in the US. Also, the unsubscribe link must take them to a web page where they can immediately unsubscribe. One approach that some marketers use is the double opt-in because they think only those who are serious will subscribe. Never try to change things up in your email marketing campaigns, keep it just how people expect it. You need to be able to have customers look at your campaign and right away know it’s your campaign. The people in your list will slowly begin to associate you with a certain brand and they will always have you in the back of their minds. Eventually there will be a sense of trust between you and your prospects. It just goes on to show that you’re professional in your approach and you care about your subscribers, which will get you a lot more sales and a stronger business.

Marketing via email is a tricky matter. It is powerful, but easily abused. It is easy, but really difficult. May these tips make it easy and powerful for you..

1. Get Permission
Email is one of the most powerful and yet one of the most dangerous mediums of communications
Without permission you not only risk losing customer goodwill and inviting CAN-SPAM penalties, you could end up blacklisted by ISPs that refuse all mail coming from your domain if spamming complaints have been lodged against you. Permission is not difficult to get. Offer something of value--a coupon or promise of special discounts, a whitepaper or informational newsletter--in exchange for the customer agreeing to receive your messages and, often, to provide valuable personal information and preferences. Sign-up can be done on a Web site or on paper forms distributed at trade shows and conventions or by traditional mail, resellers, and affiliated organizations in a business network.

2. Don’t randomly gather email addresses.
We’ve all gotten those junk mails that we didn’t ask for that tell us to “Click here to unsubscribe”. Rarely do those work as listed. Usually, they result in even more junk mail. So, who subscribed us in the first place? Someone either bought a list, randomly generated addresses, or used special software to find your address from message board postings, and web pages. I recommend only using addresses that have specifically been sent to you for information.

3. Do not send your mailings to anyone who hasn’t requested it.
That is considered spam, and violates most ISP’s service terms. If you anger the wrong people, you can lose your Internet connection! Internet Service Providers are increasingly taking harder stances against those who spam.
Collect your addresses in a web-friendly manner.
Doing this insures that those you send email to will welcome your message. You can do this in a few easy ways.

3. Opt in VS Opt Out lists.
An “Opt In” list is one where you specifically ask for information before they send it to you. An “Opt Out” puts the burden of stopping it on you. Increasingly, “Opt Out” lists are generating scorn and hatred from internet users. When someone “Opts In” they are specifically asking you for information. This is one of the more ‘web friendly’ means of doing professional emailing.

4. Track it!.
Tracking the success of mailings is good business, and tracking an emailing is no different. Include a coupon with a special code, or an “Offer Code” to use when registering or purchasing. Be certain to also ask people how they heard about the item/offer.

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